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Booklisters Reading Community
I think that we can all agree that this community has been dead for… 
24th-Mar-2010 08:26 pm
I think that we can all agree that this community has been dead for the past few months.
What happened here, guys? We're all exciting, friendly, passionate people!
I for one believe that it's time to resurrect booklisters and become a true community again.

How shall we do this, you ask?

By holding a
Friending Meme

I think that if we could all just come out of our shells, reintroduce ourselves, and remind everyone how amazingly great it is to start literary discussion in here, then this place will get hopping again in no time.

Answer as much or as little as you like. =)

About Me:



Favorite Author:
Favorite Book:
Least Favorite Book:
Book I Am Currently Reading:

Life Outside of Reading

Favorite TV Shows/Movies:
Favorite Music:
25th-Mar-2010 09:28 am (UTC)
About Me:

Name: Lisbeth.
Age: 23.
Occupation: Bookseller. Burlesque dancer. Freelance Illustrator.


Favorite Author: Umberto Eco, Flannery O'Connor, etc.
Favorite Book: Beowulf, Foucault's Pendulum, The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break, etc.
Least Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights. Twilight. Prozac Nation
Book I Am Currently Reading: Gone With The Wind

Life Outside of Reading

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Twin Peaks. Arrested Development. Black Books. Spaced. The Golden Girls. Cleo From 5 to 7. Vertigo. Grand Hotel.
Favorite Music: Bob Dylan. Nick Cave. Tom Waits. Angelo Badalamenti.
Hobbies: Painting. LGBT activism. Art nude modeling. Burlesque. Knitting. Baking. Studying. Photography. Weight training. Aerial silk dancing. Roller derby.
Other: I love anchovies.
25th-Mar-2010 11:28 am (UTC)
omg I only remembered Black Books after I posted and saw your entry...Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey are two of my very favourite comedians. I've wondered if Dylan is not, in fact, Neil Gaiman's evil Irish twin...