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NPR's Killer Thriller List 
17th-Jul-2010 04:38 pm
Last month, National Public Radio asked listeners to submit their favorite murder novels for the chance of appearing on the 100 Best Killer Thriller List. After over 600 different books were collected, a panel of NPR judges whittled the list down to 182 books. Now, they want us to vote for our favorites!

I'll admit it - I'm not a huge fan of thriller novels.
I don't enjoy most mysteries and have never really seen the appeal of crime novels. So I was a little doubtful when I first went online to vote on this list. But after reading through it a bit, I've found so many books that I know and love.

Of course the list is mostly well-known titles that have been turned into movies. That's what the common listener will support and vote for. But I see a lot of interesting books that I had forgotten about until now. Pulse by Jeremy Robinson, for example!

So guys: What are your favorite thriller novels?

(And if you're curious enough to want to vote, you'll find the latest list right here.)